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  • Susan Walsh: Predicting human physical appearance from DNA

  • Ken Eilert: Trainee to expert - the first five(ish) years in the lab.

  • George Schiro: From marijuana analysis to DNA analysis: The evolution of a forensic scientist

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  • IUPUI study finds missing link between blow flies and possible pathogen transmission

    Written By: Lauren Kay

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Determining whether blow flies have consumed animal fecal material versus animal tissue has important implications for both human public health and animal conservation. A recent study by researchers in biology and chemistry at the School of Science at IUPUI shows how that determination can be made.

    How Accurately Can Scientists Reconstruct A Person’s Face From DNA?

    Written by:  and 

    Everywhere we go we leave behind bits of DNA.

    We can already use this DNA to predict some traits, such as eye, skin and hair color. Soon it may be possible to accurately reconstruct your whole face from these traces.

    New tool predicts eye, hair and skin color from a DNA sample of an unidentified individual

    INDIANAPOLIS -- An international team, led by scientists from the School of Science at IUPUI and Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam in the Netherlands, has developed a novel tool to accurately predict eye, hair and skin color from human biological material -- even a small DNA sample -- left, for example, at a crime scene or obtained from archeological remains. This all-in-one pigmentation profile tool provides a physical description of the person in a way that has not previously been possible by generating all three pigment traits together using a freely available webtool.

    School of Science announces Top 100 Students for 2018

    INDIANAPOLIS – With 41 students on this year’s Top 100 list, nearly half of the students recognized are enrolled in the School of Science. This year’s Top 100 honorees were recognized at the annual awards dinner where the Top 10 students and Top student were also named.

    A panel of alumni, faculty and staff select the top students based on nominations by faculty and staff. The students who were selected show strength in scholastic achievement, collegiate and co-curricular activities and civic/community service.

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