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Researchers working with samples and petri dishes


The importance of new research in forensic science cannot be overstated. Research is the lifeblood of all science. It is what advances the science and makes it more relevant and useful to people. It keeps the science current and looks to the future. There are many issues in forensic science that are in need of research that will help answer pressing questions. These include pattern evidence, trace evidence, drugs, DNA, individualization of evidence, bias and many others. At IUPUI our faculty and students are primarily interested in methods development and validation. We are constantly on the lookout for promising new techniques; principally in forensic chemistry and biology that will help advance and improve scientific analysis of evidence.

Research Areas

Current research is being undertaken in the following areas:

Forensic biology

Forensic Biology is the application of biological principals and instrumentation to evidence such as bodily fluids and other biological material.

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Forensic chemistry

Forensic chemistry is the application of chemical principals and instrumentation to evidence such as controlled substances, trace evidence (e.g., fibers, paint, glass), alcohol/drugs in bodily fluids, fire debris, explosives, and explosive devices.

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