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The School of Science Ambassadors are committed undergraduate students determined to transfer their love and passion for the school to current and future students.

Maximizing the Next Four Years of Your Life

Jeremy ShererAre you ready to embark on one of the most transformative experiences of your life? Don’t let it scare you! Embrace it! Enrolling in a university isn’t just about getting a degree, it’s about meeting your best friends, changing your perspectives, expanding your outlooks on life, and it’s about helping you gain a fulfilled vision for what you want to do with your life.

I am confident that becoming a student at IUPUI in the School of Science will help you achieve exactly that. The School of Science community is one that you will gradually begin to love as you explore its clubs, mentorship, and opportunities for leadership. During the spring semester of my freshman year, I became a mentor for a general chemistry course I had taken just semester before. There are opportunities like these everywhere! Not only can you have an on-campus science-related job, but you will also make connections and gain skills that will help you become a more assertive and confident leader. 

There are always ways to become involved in the things that you are interested in. Many science students begin to gain professional scientific experience their first and second years by applying for positions such as the Freshman Biology Work Program or the Life-Health Science Internships. Through paid opportunities such as these, you can learn what it’s like to put your knowledge to use in a meaningful and developmental internship in areas such as medicine, dentistry, and biochemistry, to name a few.

So, go ahead! Explore and find your passions. Become a part of the things you enjoy and maximize your educational experience as part of the School of Science family. You won’t regret it. 

~Jeremy Sherer

Explore Your Interests and Make Connections

TomasOne of the most difficult things about beginning college is making new connections. It’s so easy to just come to campus, go to classes and then go home. But, having a group of friends going through the same challenges creates a support network that will be extremely valuable throughout college. Making new connections is easier said than done, however, especially if you aren’t used to it.

That’s where student organizations at IUPUI can help. There are so many student organizations at which you’ll find like-minded people no matter what your interest is. There are organizations for any science interest you might have, from psychology to biology to medicine, and also for everything non-science, like the Foodies Guild and even things like Ultimate Frisbee. You can find out about all the student organizations at IUPUI by visiting

There are student organization meetings/events happening on campus all the time. Look out for flyers posted around campus for event dates and times. Through involvement in student organizations, I was able to explore areas I was passionate about and make friends at the same time. So when you make it to the IUPUI Campus, get involved in student organizations and meet as many people as possible, from students to professors. You’ll open yourself to new ideas and new experiences that will ensure you get the most out of your college experience.

~Tomas Meijome 

Embrace the Challenge – RISE from A Student’s Perspective Krystin Seibert

Four years ago, I was like many of you.  I was nervous about change coming my way, yet excited for the future. I had a clear vision of where I wanted to be in five years, but the path to how I would get there was full of choices. I challenged myself to be open to whatever came my way and decided to attend a university where I would know no one. With a dream to become a Pediatrician, I chose IUPUI for the many opportunities that existed at an urban university with a nearby medical school.

The IUPUI RISE initiative challenges every undergraduate to include at least two RISE experiences - Research, International, Service learning, and Experiential learning - in their degree program. While I knew what I wanted to do next, most students do not. This challenge is perfect for both types of students. These experiences are exactly what future employers and graduate or professional schools look for. Luckily, the School of Science makes these experiences incredibly accessible to their students. Personally, I couldn’t stop at just two. I loved them so much I wanted to try everything. My experiences are just one example of a science student rising to the challenge. 

R: Senior research project – I work with Dr. Brenda Grimes at the IU School of Medicine researching a potential new chemotherapy drug for pancreatic cancer.

I: Study abroad in Valencia, Spain – I took classes in Valencia during the summer between my sophomore and junior year. 

S: Service learning – I have taken three service-learning classes. I currently am taking Swk-S180, Exploring Child Welfare in Indiana, in which I learn about child welfare and will complete 20 hours at an organization that provides child welfare services.

E: Life-Health Sciences Internship – I completed research in a paid internship with Dr. Grimes during my sophomore year.

I am currently a senior and will graduate from IUPUI this May.  Trust me, college will be over before you know it!  I challenge you to consider completing the RISE challenge and make the most of your experience. If you have any questions about the School of Science or my RISE experiences, feel free to ask me (  

More information about RISE can be found here.

~Kristyn Seibert

Stephanie MetcalfFreshman Fear is Normal, and Temporary

When I first came to IUPUI I didn't know anyone, and I had never even been to Indianapolis before. I also came from a small town and a really small school. My graduating class had only 50 people.
While IUPUI is not huge, from my experience it seemed ginormous! All of these things had me slightly terrified. Thankfully, this feeling didn't last long. I stayed in the campus apartments and made friends instantly. I also took a Windows in Science class, which is required for all science students, that was full of students from my major. This was the first class I had on the first Monday of the semester. The people I met and interacted with that first day of class continue to be some of my closest classmates and friends today.
Now it is two and a half years later. I know a ton of people. Some I met because they were my roommates, and others I met in classes. IUPUI also no longer seems like this huge scary place. I can barely walk across campus without seeing someone I know, and every time I am in the science building it happens. Indianapolis has turned into am amazing background to my experiences. The city has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, shopping and dining. While it may have been a little scary at first, I can't imagine being anywhere else.
~Stephanie Metcalf