Apply for Scholarships

Universal Scholarship Application

Once your university technology account is created, complete the universal scholarship application. Fill in your personal information only once and, with a few clicks, apply for dozens of scholarships that match your profile. The deadline for completing the application is February 15. Don’t leave any money on the table!

Retake the SAT/ACT to get more scholarship money 

Even after you’ve been accepted at IUPUI, if you have a hunch you could have done better on your SAT or ACT, it’s not too late to try again! A better test score could qualify you for more scholarship money. IUPUI will accept your best test score for scholarship consideration (prior to the appropriate deadlines). November 15 is the deadline to be considered for a Chancellor’s Scholarship, which also qualifies you for membership in the Honors College.

Honors College Scholarships

The deadline to apply for one of three competitive scholarships offered through the Honors College—the Bepko Scholars and Fellows Program, the Herbert Presidential Scholars Program and the Plater International Scholars Program—is November 15. Aim to have your application in by November 1 to allow plenty of time to submit supporting documentation.

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