Advanced Forensic Microscopy

FIS 50600



This course covers advanced techniques in the analysis of forensic trace evidence. Topics include review of common forensic laboratory microscopes such as stereomicroscope, compound light microscope, and polarizing light microscope.  Analysis of trace evidence with more complex use of microscopes and instrumental microscopy will include; mineral content in soil, dispersion of glass particles, physical matches and impressions of trace evidence, and polymer identification.

Advanced Forensic Microscopy (FIS 50600) has a prerequisite of an undergraduate microscopy course or a microscopy unit within an undergraduate course.  Students must provide documentation of undergraduate microscopy experience at the time of application into the graduate program (e.g., transcripts or course syllabi)  If students don’t meet the prerequisite requirement, graduate students must complete Forensic Microscopy (FIS 40600) during the fall semester of enrollment.  This course must be completed with a C or higher to enroll in the Advanced Forensic Microscopy course during the spring semester.