Forensic Science and the Law

FIS 41500


P: FIS 30500


This course explores the application of various laws and rules of evidence to the forensic sciences, and examines how the admission and persuasive use of evidence derived from the forensic sciences impacts the administration of justice in the United States.  The forensic sciences refer to a group of sub-specialties in science and medicine that can answer questions about legal and factual issues, both civil and criminal.  Forensic scientists apply their expertise, their ethical and quality standards, their principles and methods of investigation, and their focused experimentation and lab skills to render opinion testimony beyond what would be permitted to the non-expert, fact witness.  Practitioners in numerous disciplines are finding themselves increasingly in demand in the courtroom as expert witnesses.  What matters they may testify about, and how their respective disciplines may properly conform to the Rules of Evidence will be discussed in some detail.  Hence, this course will be of value to a number of disciplines including those who are law-trained, and anyone seeking the skills and knowledge to be more comfortable, competent, and valuable as an expert in the courtroom setting.

The content of this class may be modified in real time as significant court decisions are handed down either by the Indiana courts or by the US Supreme Court.

Course Documents: