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Science and IUPUI scholarships

41 Results

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  1. Actuary Scholarship

    The recipient will have successfully completed at least three of the five exams necessary to earn the Associate of the Society of Actuaries designation, as recognized by the Society of Actuaries...

  2. Bepko Scholars and Fellows Program

    Students selected for this scholarship program receive undergraduate tuition up to the Indiana resident rate, fees, a $2,500 study abroad stipend, and books for four years of study. Bepko Scholars...

    • Award Amount: Undergraduate tuition up to the Indiana resident rate, fees, a $2,500 study abroad stipend, and books for four years of study. Bepko Scholars also receive two years of on-campus housing
    • Application Deadline: November, 15, 2017
    • Contact: IUPUI Honors College, honors@iupui.edu, (317) 274-2660
    • Application: Learn more and apply
  3. Cowen Graduate Scholarship

    Because, as part of its mission, Indiana University is committed to diversity, special consideration will be given to underrepresented populations, including but not limited to financially challenged...

  4. CRL RISE Scholarship Award

    The scholarships will support student participation in the RISE to the IUPUI Challenge initiative, and successful completion of the sponsored project will qualify the student for the research portion...

    • Award Amount: Five rise to the IUPUI challenge undergraduate research scholarships are awarded in the spring of each year. The $1,500 award is applied to the winning students’ bursar account.
    • Contact: Center for Research and Learning, crlstaff@iupui.edu, 317-274-8880
    • Application: Learn more and apply
  5. Dean of Science Scholarship (For Continuing Students)

    Continuing science majors with a minimum of 25 credit hours completed at IUPUI by the end of the spring semester during which application is being made and at least a 3.50 GPA may apply for this...

    • Award Amount: Up to $2,000 in-state/$4,000 out-of-state per academic year
    • Application Deadline: May, 15, 2018
    • Contact: Molly Rondeau, mrondeau@iupui.edu
    • Application: Apply now
  6. Dean of Science Scholarship (For Freshmen)

    Contingent upon availability of funds, a Dean’s Scholar who is a beginning major may be supported for up to eight regular (fall/spring) semesters provided that the student continues in a degree...

    • Award Amount: Varies, depending on criteria stated above, but is minimally $2,000 per academic year renewable up to $8,000 for four years.
    • Application Deadline: November, 15, 2017
    • Contact: Molly Rondeau, mrondeau@iupui.edu
  7. DigiCert Scholarships

    Apply and learn more about the $1,000 Internet of Things scholarship Apply and learn more about the $1,000 Internet Security scholarship See all scholarships

    • Award Amount: $1,000 for each
    • Application Deadline: October, 1, 2017
    • Contact: DigiCert, support@digicert.com